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Milwaukee Center for the Study
and Practice of Forgiveness

A Renewed Initiative

Over the past twenty years, the Nehemiah Project has conducted  a variety of Forgiveness programs to widely diverse groups – teens, adults, and elders in the Milwaukee metro area. The courses ebbed and waned as some resources left to pursue other interests. In the past few years the programs have been available only for residents of Nehemiah. As a result, forgiveness programs have not been offered consistently throughout the community. And, over time, the course materials, videos and handouts have not been kept current or readily available.

Nehemiah has begun a new initiative to build on this past and create strong and sustainable Forgiveness practices throughout our Milwaukee metropolitan area.

We intend to be a community resource for workshops, guest speakers, support groups, literature, research, and contacts to those in need. Our outreach will extend to private individuals, as well as professionals such as psychotherapists, law enforcement officials, social workers, clergy, pastoral counselors, educators, and youth workers who seek resources for their clients or research information.

Nehemiah Project  Planning Team

  • Marye Beth Dugan, executive director

  • Reverend Ed Ruen, program coordinator

  • Dick Larsen, Nehemiah Project board member

  • Stacy York, associate director

  • Allan Montezon, consultant

Community Advisory Committee

Rev. Ed Ruen, Nadya Fuad, Alice Hanson-Drew, Andy Liss, George Ann Casper,

Conor Williams, Sam Alford

Forgiveness, Grief, Anger, Hate, Resentment, Trauma,

Anxiety, Turn the Other Cheek, and Living Fully

Link: These terms are inter-related

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