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Milwaukee Center for the Study
and Practice of Forgiveness

Our Intentions.

This effort is an outgrowth of a variety of Forgiveness courses conducted over the past twenty years in the Milwaukee metro area. This organic growth has helped many. It is our intention to build on this past and create strong and sustainable Forgiveness practices throughout our community.

We will be a community resource for workshops, guest speakers, support groups, literature, research, and contacts to those in need. Our outreach will extend to private individuals, as well as professionals such as psychotherapists, law enforcement officials, social workers, clergy, pastoral counselors, educators, and youth workers who seek resources for their clients or research information. Our plans include the creation of a community advisory board.

The initial planning team:

  • Marye Beth Dugan, Executive Director

  • Reverend Ed Ruen, Program Coordinator

  • Dick Larsen, Nehemiah Project Board member

  • Stacy York, Associate Director

For more information 


1. Introduction to Forgiveness. Presentation on what Forgiveness is, what it isn’t, and how it can lead to healing past traumas. 60 – 90 minutes. Available now on a limited basis.

2. Forgiveness a personal journey. Workshop on applying the tenets of Forgiveness to your personal story. 8 – 10 sessions of 60 – 90 minutes.  In planning.

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