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Recreation and Enrichment


Many of our residents have had few opportunities to participate in recreational and enrichment activities that provide them real growth, knowledge of their community, or the chance to develop new interests and hobbies.


Our staff works to provide our residents with a wide range of activities that expose them to new venues and educational experiences in our community. This allows them to learn and appreciate the world around them in new ways.  Going to the Milwaukee County Zoo or to live theater seems routine to many of us, but is rare in the world of the young men in our care. Our staff works to provide recreational outings that reflect a wide variety of activities and interests.  By exposing them to new ideas and entertainment areas, we are planting the seeds for our boys to envision themselves and their communities in a different and more complete way.


Examples of the variety of recreational activities that our residents experience include: fishing, canoeing, and learning to swim, attending live theater, various ethnic festivals, going to museums, airshows, and other events within our metro area and beyond. Ideally, we try to move beyond those boundaries and take residents to Chicago, a tour of our capitol in Madison and a Green Bay Packer game at Lambeau Field.


Generous donors have made some of these things, and more, possible and we are grateful to them. They realize that the  activities many of us do with our own children are valuable in shaping who they become as adults; they broaden perspectives to go beyond the immediate neighborhood, which is the limited "world" that many of our residents know.


Please Contact us at 414-933-8002 if you know of or can help us arrange enrichment opportunities for our residents.

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