Seeds of Growth

Employment Program

Seeds of Growth is a pre-employment training and educational program for our residents, which consists of three major components: in classroom pre-employment education, hands-on training through the manufacture and sale of garden stepping stones,  and a lawn service offered to the community. Most of our residents have had no orientation to the world of work and need guidance on filling out applications, and mock interview and job maintenance skills.


Obtaining essential documents is often a first hurdle to employment so our staff walks each resident through the process of getting a birth certificate, social security card and emphasize the importance of these as the foundation of obtaining employment. Training is given, through our financial literacy program, on responsible money management once a paycheck is at hand. This proves to be a very critical part of the program - understanding prioritization of paying bills, meeting needs, and future planning.


This exposure and pride of seeing a project through from beginning to end is of significant value to our residents.  Of equal importance is empowering youth with the confidence, vision and essential skills needed to see and procure employment.  


For more information about Seeds of Growth please email Rosezina Campbell at

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