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The Support and Wellness program seeks to provide one-on-one assistance to both our youth residents as well as direct care staff in a caring and consistent fashion. This has been done in the past at Nehmiah in a primarily informal way but in 2021 we, as a management team, have seen an increase in anxiety and stress brought about by many factors, primarily in the ongoing concerns related to the Covid pandemic.


Residents being away from family, away from school and away from normal familial interactions have created circumstances that require outlets to vent frustration and anxiety.


Our staff, working under additional stresses and working with stressed youth, are also in need of being able to talk through stress factors and benefit from anxiety- reducing activities.

This program addresses those concerns in a consistent and structured way, allowing for counseling and activities that address and can reduce stress. All youth and staff have consistent meetings with a qualified on-site counselor to address specific needs and design a personal plan for wellness and growth.

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