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The Nehemiah Project is a social service agency that has been offering residential services and programs to boys in out-of-home placement since 1969. Contracting primarily with the State of Wisconsin and Counties in Wisconsin, adjudicated youth, ages 13-18, are placed at Nehemiah through the Juvenile Court system to provide community-based and residential care services prior to a child being returned to the familial home.

Originally begun as Transcenter for Youth, Inc., the agency operated one group home and a high school, Shalom, both housed at our main facility on West Vliet street in Milwaukee. By 1994 there were three group homes (one for girls in Union Grove) and four high schools. As we continued to grow, the Board of Directors made a decision to separate the social service component from the educational component to more effectively manage and supervise the many needs of each. Thus, in 2001, the social service/residential care facilities were sold to the Nehemiah Project.

The Nehemiah Project’s mission was closely aligned with the mission of the original founders of Transcenter for Youth. Inc. so the transition was seamless and afforded a more focused and singular approach to the work and uninterrupted care of the boys placed in our facilities. Our dedicated staff provide a clean and safe environment while attending to the significant needs of our youth. We have developed programs that offer residents an opportunity to grow and prepare for adulthood in the most positive way possible.

Our youth attend Milwaukee Public Schools and/or work within the community. They attend group and one-on-one sessions regularly in content areas such as Independent Living, Literacy, Financial Literacy, Forgiveness for Teens, Citizenship, and Wellness. We work to engage them in seeing their own abilities and strengths as they navigate a path to adulthood and provide them with the confidence to identify and pursue personal goals.

Why the name The Nehemiah Project?

Nehemiah has been honored for centuries as a model of passionate and faithful caring, brilliant strategy and motivation. The Old Testament prophet, Nehemiah, was active in the years 464-423 B.C. He left Babylon in 445 B.C. to assist his people in Jerusalem. He confronted an environment of despair, hopelessness and physical danger. His efforts and those of the people he worked with resulted in the successful rebuilding of the wall around Jerusalem.  Nehemiah, his philosophy and active response to life’s challenges, offer a model of hope for people faced with poverty and hopelessness, and those who work with them.

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