About Us

Our Mission

We promote the physical and emotional well-being of youth through psychological, educational, leadership, and transitional living services in a residential community.


Our Vision

All male, youth offenders have Help, Home, and Hope.

Help to restore order to their lives and to discover their potentials.

Home to experience a safe, healthy, and caring living community.

Hope to envision a healthy lifestyle with restored self-esteem, appreciation for their community, and their role in society. 

The Nehemiah Project's group homes are licensed by the State of Wisconsin. 

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The Nehemiah Project Inc. operates two facilities that have been providing residential, 24-hour care for teen boys in Milwaukee for over 50 years. The Nehemiah Project acquired the two group homes (TransCenter and Harper House) and their programs in 2002. Since then, our resident population has changed to include young men from ages 13 to 20 years old and our programs have evolved in order to best meet the needs of our service population. 

Why the name The Nehemiah Project?

Nehemiah has been honored for centuries as a model of passionate and faithful caring, brilliant strategy and motivation. The Old Testament prophet, Nehemiah, was active in the years 464-423 B.C. He left Babylon in 445 B.C. to assist his people in Jerusalem. He confronted an environment of despair, hopelessness and physical danger. His efforts and those of the people he worked with resulted in the successful rebuilding of the wall around Jerusalem.  Nehemiah, his philosophy and active response to life’s challenges, offer a model of hope for people faced with poverty and hopelessness, and those who work with them.

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