Evaluation of Programs

In order to maintain high standards of excellence, Nehemiah has several mechanisms for evaluating the success of our programs:


Program Progress Data: Each of our programs  (Independent Living, Seeds of Growth, Forgiveness, Recreation and Teen Literacy) feature  pre-test and post-test assessments that measure the growth of a youth over their time in the Nehemiah program.  The process for assessing progress is as follows:


  1. Youth takes pretest in order to determine their current level of understanding.

  2. Data from the pretest is used to develop an action plan for each individual youth with indicators of success.

  3. Every 30-90 days (dependent on the specific program) the resident is given another assessment to measure progress.  In addition, the program manager writes a current progress report.  This is shared with the youth as well as the family and case manager/probation officer so all of the interested parties are aware of both progress and any challenges that need to be addressed.

  4. Upon completion of a particular program (or as part of the existing process for a youth) a resident will take a post-assessment to determine their new level of understanding of the materials that have been offered.


Governance of our programs is done by the Program Committee of the Board of directors, which feature community members.  The executive director reports on the activities of each program to this committee and to the Board on a quarterly basis.


Because our outcomes are so closely linked to the treatment plans, all outcomes are measured weekly by staff and documented in each youth's logbook.  Daily school attendance, compliance with therapy, adherence to medication regime, familial relationships and other such data are also compiled and documented to ensure all staff and the placing agencies are current with the youth's progress.  A monthly team meeting for each youth consists of group home staff, parents, therapist, mento, case manager, and probation officer.  These monthly team meetings are designed specifically to assess a resident's treatment objectives and stated group home outcomes.  The indicators and outcomes are the primary information used to determine the youth's transition from the group home to the next placement. 

Serving teens, their families and the community for 50 years. The Nehemiah Project's Residential Care Facilities are licensed by the State of Wisconsin.  Click Here for a link to our licensing agent.


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